Transforming conflict by Making Faith part of the solution.

Empty promises of peace can be used to manipulate others.

About DiPD

Dei Institute of Peace and Diplomacy (DIPD) is designed to equip and train the rapidly growing community of Jesus globally. Who are very clearly preparing individuals for a successful career within management-level positions within the public and private sectors, principally through its combined theoretical and practical approach. Therefore DIPD offers a unique combination of conceptual courses focused on theory, Christian perspective, and the development of essential diplomatic skills. Our Institute is an online and non-denomination.

Peace-Building is necessary

There is a belief among many governments in the world rooted in the separation of church and state that it's not their role to engage religious leaders. As a result, many diplomats and development actors lack the comfort and training to do it constructively. This limits the success of peace-building efforts and represents a huge missed opportunity. Rather than avoiding religious engagement, governments need to provide training for their foreign and civil servants on how to work with religious communities. Indeed, it's not always the role of international actors to engage in religious issues, but it's essential that, when devising strategies around conflict, they have the skills to understand the role religion plays and engage effectively and appropriately.